Meet Jenny - one of the wonderful volunteers from Esperance Care Services. We first met Jenny shortly after she moved to town, and worked with Esperance Care Services to create a role with them that could utilise Jenny’s skills and passion for sewing.

Hear from Esperance Care Services (ECS) CEO, Chris Meyer about what the organisation does to enrich lives, care for the community and share hope. 

Run by Esperance Care Services, M&Ms is a free fortnightly program that gives children aged 9 -12 years an opportunity to engage in fun activities with a values theme (e.g. Community, Teamwork, Kindness, Respect, Communication). Children must be registered to attend.

Esperance Care Services (ECS) exists to promote healthy family relationships and situations enabling all members of our community to experience the benefits of being part of a community where they feel valued, are accepted, and have a sense of belonging.