The Honorable Dr Graham Jacobs MBBS, DRCOG, FRACGP, FACRRM. Medical Practitioner; and wife Kathryn Jacobs.

Graham grew up on a local farm and attended school in Esperance. He graduated from The University of Western Australia as a Doctor in 1975. Soon after graduating University, he returned to Esperance where he established his 30-year career as a country GP, cementing his credentials as a primary care giver to the community. This contribution to the community was carried through to 2005 when he was elected as the local Member of Parliament.

Graham believes that family plays an important role in creating the foundations for a successful community. His wife Kathryn, a qualified midwife and a long-distance runner extraordinaire, has always been extremely supportive of, and passionate about, his medical and political careers. Graham and Kathryn have always tried to instil strong family values in their five children. These values enabled him to make decisions around tough choices throughout his career as Minister and as our local Member.

After enjoying many years as a physician, surgeon, obstetrician and family counsellor, Graham wanted to use his extensive experience in rural living and doctoring to make a difference for our local community in State Parliament. Graham and Kathryn returned to family practice after 12 years in politics.

“In my role as a previous member of State Parliament, I have had many opportunities to see how the work of the Esperance Care Services plays an integral role in supporting and assisting many people in need in the greater Esperance area. Esperance has a population of 14000 people, with the number of homeless and needy people on the rise. The town sees a number of transient families and singles in need of assistance, as well as local residents. The Service provides not only immediate assistance when needed in the way of a food parcel, but also ongoing support and encouragement for the many people who come through their doors, by the way of self-development training, affordable clothing and homewares, and referral if necessary to associated agencies.”

Kathryn and Graham, as born-again Christians will continue to support the great work of ECS and are privileged to remain patrons.



John Crawley came to Esperance in 1963 and has been involved in the building trade throughout the region ever since. He has built houses, sheds, shops, even boats, and is very highly regarded within the industry.

As well as running a successful building business, he has also found time for training high school students who were interested in the building trade, working for the Shire as a building consultant, and even worked for the Heritage Council.

Outside of work, John has had a lifelong interest in the theatre and drama groups. For over 20 years, he worked with kids at Esperance Primary School teaching artwork, and theatre set construction, and established the Petite Bijou Drama Group for Kids.

John has always believed in giving back to the community in which he lives and working with people in need. John has given so much to ECS, it is difficult to quantify, but his generosity and commitment has been amazing. It is fair to say, that ECS would not have grown as well as it has, if it wasn’t for John Crawley’s outstanding input. Thank you, John.


Esperance Care Services couldn't do what we do without support from the community - thank you to everyone who continues to assist us in reaching our goals. 

Dear Anonymous Donor, 

Thank you - whoever you are - we received these two, brand new mobility walkers, and we are thrilled to be able to provide access to them for people who need support in our community. 

It is extraordinarily rare that ECS receives a truly anonymous gift of this size - and it will make all the difference to those that require support with mobility issues and need short-term assistance. This public thank you is our only hope of reaching you. 

We are enormously grateful to you and everyone who is helping to transform the Esperance Community to see the circle of hardship and poverty broken. 

With much gratitude, from all of us at ECS.